Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Press Release Support for Hone Harawira

Media Statement – 20 January 2011

Strong Support from Maori Women for Hone Harawira

Te Whaainga Wahine Maori women’s network, express their support of Hone Harawira as an MP who truly represents his constituents voice.   Spokes people for Te Whaainga Wahine Denise Messiter and Irene Kereama-Royal said the complaint and pending action by Maori Party delegates against Harawira is political cowardice, lacks leadership and a contravention of tikanga Maori. Te Whaainga Wahine are aware that Harawira has consistently demonstrated his constituents' mandate through his actions and articulation of their position on many issues and is based on the original mandate given to the Maori Party to represent and  advocate Maori Tino Rangatiratanga over NZ's foreshore and sea bed. Harawira's opposition to the proposed Marine and Costal Area Bill is consistent with this mandate.

Kereama-Royal and Messiter say “It is obvious to us that the partnership with National is suffocating the Maori party – an indication that they have lost perspective, need to stand aside and let those who can retain the mandated perspective of the kaupapa step forward and take the lead from their constituents.  In this election year if this is a time for Harawira to consider other options and alliances that would be more honourable than the one he is currently in, it would be a decision that has the full support of Te Whaainga Wahine".

Te Whainga Wahine is committed to ensuring that Maori women’s voices are heard on issues and decisions that impact on whenua, whanau and hapu wellbeing and is calling for more accountability amongst Maori leadership in achieving this.

Media enquires:
Denise Messiter ph 07 868475 or 0276443359 email

Irene-Kereama-Royal email

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