Saturday, December 11, 2010

Strong Opposition by Maori Women's Network to Takutai Moana Bill


Strong Opposition by Maori Women's Network to the Takutai Moana Bill

Te Whaainga Wahine the newly established organisation of Maori women call for the dumping of the new Marine and Coastal Area Bill (Takutai Moana Bill).  Spokes people, Denise Messiter and Irene Kereama-Royal confirmed the opposition by Te Whaainga Wahine to the new bill saying it has weak foundations and like  sand in the tide will significantly erode the treaty rights of all Maori.

This weekend, Te Whaainga Whaine will issue a direct challenge to the Maori Party members who currently support the bill, to actively acknowledge why they were elected by voting against the bill.

Te Whainga Wahine is committed to ensuring that Maori women’s voices are heard on issues and decisions that impact on whenua, whanau and hapu wellbeing and is calling for more accountability amongst Maori leadership

Media enquires:
Denise Messiter ph 07 868475 or 0276443359 email

Irene-Kereama-Royal ph 0221571962 email

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