Monday, November 29, 2010

Wahine of Hauraki Speak

This blog site was created by the hui to share the proceedings of Te Whaainga Wāhine.  It is hoped that the reports, documents and reflections posted here will strengthen wahine in areas where we are currently invisible.  Over the next few days, further reports from the hui will be posted.

Sat 25th November, 2010
Wāhine of Hauraki Speak

Denise Messiter, Ngati Pukenga ki Manaia, Rongomaiwahine and Ngati Huarere
We called this hui in response to a speech that Annette Sykes gave recently regarding the politics of the Brown Round Table, the leadership of Māori men and the silencing of wāhine Māori.  It is a Re-empowerment of wāhine Māori and the creating of spaces and speech.  Following our own hearts and our own wairua, taking back what we have, what we should have, what we need.  For us in Hauraki we have been disenfranchised as women and in our ability to contribute. This hui is returning us toward our self-empowerment.

Whaitiri Mikaere
Annette’s speech resonated among us who attended that presentation and so we wanted to reinstill that for us as women, to participate in the decisions being made on our behalf. That is what we do ne?  When we have a concern, we hui.  

Pauline Clarkin Ngāti Hako, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngai Te Rangi
Mining in our iwi, is destroying us, our dreams and our aspirations are being destroyed and some of that is being done by men and some of that is being done by ourselves.  Te Aroha maunga is a sacred site for us, it has been contaminated for 40-50 years.  Waihii is an open cast mine, both these two effects of mining are the politics of this country, the poltics in iwi, the politics on our pa, we are harming papatuanuku.  The battle grounds are numerous, how do we be the superwomen that we are needed to be.  When we see what is of value to us, what we hold closest to our hearts, then the women will do.  Being here is a part of that, an important part of that process to act.  Thank you for coming here wahine mā, it is an important time for us all.

Te Whaainga Wāhine will reconvene in Palmerston North Feb 2011, to register for information please send your details to

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